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Purdue Libraries has made some changes to reserve policies across the libraries to lessen confusion for those using the reserve system and ensure that reserves are available to all students as equitably as possible. These will be in effect beginning  January 9, 2012. Reserves will continue to be held by request of the instructor behind the circulation desk and available for only a limited loan period. Instructors may designate the library where a reserve is held and select either the two hour (standard) or one week loan period.

Reserve: 2 Hour Loan – These items can now leave the library where they are checked out, but must be returned to the circulation desk of the lending library. No reserve items can be kept overnight and all reserves must be returned before the lending library closes for the day, even if this means the loan period is shortened.

Reserve: 1 Week Loan – Will circulate for 1 week.

Penalties – Items that have a circulation period of less than one day will be subject to fines after the item is overdue for one hour.  For current list of fees, visit www.lib.purdue.edu/access/circserv/policy.

To request reserves, fill out the form found at www.lib.purdue.edu/coursereserves. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Laurie Sadler lsadler@purdue.edu or 49-46238.