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The Purdue e-Pubs digital repository (www.purdue.edu/epubs) is an open access software platform which provides access to full-text publications as well as unique previously unpublished scholarly content. In June, its 2.5 millionth download took place. With over 26,194 publications uploaded to date, this puts Purdue e-Pubs among the most popular university repositories in North America.

Purdue University Libraries began providing the Purdue community access to Purdue e-Pubs in 2006, as a solid platform for publishing. It provides online publishing support for original publications as well as hosting for Purdue-affiliated articles, technical reports, white papers, conference proceedings, student scholarship, and more.

Many faculty have begun seeing Purdue e-Pubs as one of the many potential services provided by the Purdue Libraries to assist faculty with research. “Purdue e-Pubs is providing value and visibility to my research.” said Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Eugene H. Spafford. Purdue Libraries also offers services through its e-Archives repository and through the Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) to members of the Purdue community.

Professor Spafford’s technical report, “The Computer Viruses–A Form of Artificial Life?“ was the 2.5 millionth download. This report is only one of 36 he has uploaded.

Dr. Spafford, one of Purdue’s inaugural recipients of the university’s Morrill Award, went on to say “Uploading my reports to Purdue e-Pubs is what I see as another way to bring the Land Grant mission of Purdue University to the global community.”

“Institutional repositories have a proven track record of success in managing ones research. When servers move or websites are reorganized, informal types of publication often become lost to scholarship. Purdue e-Pubs is increasingly used by workshop and symposium organizers to issue calls-for-papers, review submissions, and present proceedings in a sustainable, stable, and citable way,” said James L. Mullins, Dean of Libraries and Esther Ellis Norton Professor.

Purdue is able to offer access to the basic publishing infrastructure at no cost, while also offering valued-added editing, design, and marketing services under the umbrella of the Libraries’ Scholarly Publishing Services. Staff from Purdue University Press and the University Copyright Office collaborate with other Libraries’ units and faculty to provide varied resources to faculty, staff, and students, to aid in the process of publishing and providing global access to their work.

Purdue e-Pubs tracks usage of publications, issues monthly download notifications to authors, and with Google Analytics allows authors the opportunity to demonstrate global access and impact of their scholarship, not only to academic colleagues, but to policy makers and media outlets

For more information about Purdue e-Pubs visit www.purdue.edu/epubs or contact Dave Scherer, Scholarly Repository Specialist for Purdue e-Pubs at dscherer@purdue.edu or 49-48511.