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Welcome to Database of the Week, a feature from the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management & Economics.  These weekly snapshots will give you basic information about our most relevant and beneficial online resources.

This Week’s Featured Database:  GREENR, from Gale Cengage Learning.

Link: www.lib.purdue.edu/mel, in the pull down Quick Access to Business Databases alpha list right below the Libraries’ search box.

Description/focus: GREENR offers content, including images and videos, on green technologies and issues on the environment and sustainability.

Start with this hint:  The GREENR  Basic Search and Advanced Search display results by document type such as Academic Journals, Videos, Podcasts, etc. and so results can be limited with further descriptors. For example, enter “climate change” as a Basic Search and the 16,000 hits can be narrowed down by a list of subjects that appear on the left, such as Greenhouse Gases, or by type of resource, such as Academic Journals, or by format, such as video. The GREENR  home page offers general categories (Agriculture and Food Systems, Science and Technology, Social Factors, etc.) that are further broken down into topics.  See here for a short video tutorial on the basics of searching GREENR

Why you should know this database:  GREENR  covers food security, environmental law and politics, economics and trade, pollution, ecology, energy, and more.  It includes many of the academic resources that are in text-only databases, but GREENR  also includes podcasts, websites, newspapers, videos, magazines, and case studies.  You can navigate country, organization, and country portals for news, video, and primary source documents.

How this database can be integrated into the curriculum: GREENR has an updated  look resembling the web and should appeal to anyone.  It is easy to search or browse by topic, country, or format.  Students will find GREENR easy to navigate, and can use it to find content on a topic or select a subject for an assignment.

Tags: agribusiness, agricultural economics, agriculture, articles, companies, countries, country profiles, demographics, economic conditions, energy, environmental research, full text, international markets, international news, news, resource economics,

Cost: Paid annually by Purdue University Libraries..


Database of the Week comes to you from the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management & Economics. Our intent is to give you a brief introduction to a database that you may not know.  If you would like more information about this database, or if you would like a demonstration of it for a class, contact parrlib@purdue.edu.  Database of the Week is archived  at http://blogs.lib.purdue.edu/news/category/MGMT/.  For more Purdue Libraries news, follow us on Twitter (@PurdueLibraries).

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