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The unification at Purdue Northwest (PNW) and the coming separation of Indiana University (IU) and Purdue at IPFW (Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne) are resulting in significant changes at those campuses. For the libraries at Purdue Northwest, soon-to-be Purdue Fort Wayne, and Purdue West Lafayette, these changes come at a time when libraries are in flux as more resources and services are available online. These circumstances create an opportunity to explore strategies to more fully integrate the three libraries.

As a commitment to positive change, the Purdue University Office of the Provost has created a Purdue System Library Working Group.

Principles for the work of this group are outlined below.

The goal—enhance the research and learning at each campus:

  • Libraries are crucial to the work of universities;
  • Faculty and students at each campus need quick and easy access to information and materials;
  • The campus members on this group are committed to collaboration;
  • The workloads of faculty and staff in the libraries will be considered and their input will be valued; and
  • Communication with faculty/staff/students is important.

Charge to the Purdue System Library Working Group

Members of the task force include:

  • Rebecca Richardson, Assistant Dean for Collections and Access (West Lafayette)
  • Scott Brandt, Interim Associate Dean for Research (West Lafayette)
  • Alexis Macklin, Dean (Purdue Fort Wayne)
  • Tammy Guerrero, Director of University Libraries (Purdue Northwest)
  • Rob Wynkoop, Managing Director Procurement Services will represent the Office of the Treasurer (West Lafayette)
  • Candiss Vibbert, Associate Provost for Special Initiatives, will represent the Provost Office (West Lafayette)

Candiss Vibbert and Alex Macklin will serve as co-chairs for the Working Group.

To see full charge, see Purdue System Library Working Group Charge on the Purdue Libraries’ website.

The Purdue System Library Working Group is asked to explore the following points:

  • What services or relationships are needed that would improve library services?
  • What are the potential benefits of a system-wide approach?
  • Are there any perceived disadvantages to operating as a system library? How might these issues be managed?
  • How can library faculty and staff benefit from the Purdue System Library?

After the data is provided to answer these questions, the larger more inclusive questions follow:

  • What would a system library look like in terms of organizational structure; shared services, IT backbone, and campus responsibilities etc.?
  • What investments, one-time and recurring, would be necessary to develop the Purdue System Library?
  • How does a steady state budget for the Purdue System Library compare to the current provision of library services (FY18) on the three separate operating budgets for the campuses?
  • If the Purdue System Library is pursued, what would be the timeline for actions and investments? What are the key milestones?

Questions and comments to assist the work of this group are encouraged. Contact one of the individuals below for comments or questions.

  • At PNW Tammy Guerrero @ tsguerre@pnw.edu
  • At IPFW Alexis Macklin @  macklina@ipfw.edu
  • At PWL Rebecca Richardson @ rarichar@purdue.edu