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From the Archives: Standard Oil

September 24th, 2017

As the State Street Project continues to update the appearance of Purdue and West Lafayette, we look back on another construction project that changed the area. Can you guess what is being built in this photo, where it is located, and when this photo was taken?  Share your ideas in the comments and check back on Friday for the reveal!


The construction site in the center of this photograph soon became the Krannert School of Management, completed in 1963.  This construction site photo is looking southeast at the intersection of State and Grant Streets.  Since 2001, the corner that once held the Standard Oil Gas Station has been the site of Jerry S. Rawls Hall, which was dedicated on October 2, 2003.

The gas station is visible in this aerial photo of Krannert taken in the final stages of its construction, along with Young Hall in the background.

Please join us again on Monday, October 9, for our next From the Archives mystery!

14 Responses to “From the Archives: Standard Oil”

  1. Marshall Deutelbaum

    Apartment building at the corner of Andrew Place and State St.

  2. Mark Hickman

    Believe it is the Armory at initial construction

  3. Logan Jordan

    Corner of State and Grant, Krannert building construction, Probably summer of 1963; dedication was in May of 65

  4. Jeff Stewart

    Sears Store on the Levee. Probably around 1956.

  5. Kathy Reynolds

    I believe it is the Armory because I think that Standard Station was later turned into a little store where you could buy sandwiches, etc., (I forget the name of it!) Just a guess!

  6. David Kish

    Looking east on State St. Krannert is under construction. I think you can see the corner of Harry’s behind the gas station. Vehicles make it look early 60’s. Nice TV antennas on the houses.

  7. Earle Nay

    Logan nailed it. Station was remodeled
    a couple of times until Rawles was

  8. Emily Branson

    Krannert under construction.

  9. Ryan B

    Logan Jordan nailed it.

    Here’s another shot of the Krannert construction site where you can see more of the State and Grant Intersection.


  10. DeEtte Starr

    Mackey Arena c. 1966, Northwestern & Dodge/Meridian area?

  11. Stroh Brann

    Logan Jordan has it right (no surprise there, Logan would know). Dedication was in ’65, but I believe the building was completed and opened in 1964.

  12. Ray Wilson

    KRAN and around 1963

  13. Arthur Anderson

    That’s the intersection of State and Grant Streets, taken in the early 1960’s. The Standard Station is the one owned for years by Bill Davis Sr. who lived on Harrison Street, between Chauncey & Grant streets (I delivered the Indianapolis Star to him at that station from 1956 (age 11) through April of 1961 (age 16). The building under construction is Krannert Hall.

  14. Kit Klutzke

    @Kathy Reynolds,

    I think the sandwich shop she was thinking of was Brad’s Bagels & Deli…heheh, I can still remember the jingle on the radio and the goofy way several people would say bagels. “…great food anytime…BRAD’s!!”

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