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Clubs have always been an important part of student life at Purdue.  This photo provides a glimpse into the activities of one club and includes its most famous member.  Can you identify the club and one of the men in this image?

Share your theories in the comments and check back on Friday for the reveal!


Neil Armstrong, Purdue class of 1955, was an active member of the Purdue Avionics Club, also known as the Aero Club or Aeromodelers.  In the mystery image, Armstrong (right) and fellow club member Frank Claire wear Purdue Aeromodelers t-shirts as they stand among partially assembled model airplanes and parts at Purdue.

Armstrong put his aviation skills to good use as a test pilot before entering the astronaut program and becoming the first man to walk on the moon.

Test Pilot Neil Armstrong poses here with the X-15 rocket plane after a research flight in 1960.

Original X-15 photo courtesy of NASA. Aeromodelers photograph courtesy of Andrew Claire.

4 Responses to “From the Archives: Club Activities”

  1. Brittany

    That’s Neil Armstrong. Maybe a flight club sort of thing? I see a little plane in the bottom.

  2. Robin Sipes

    That is Neil Armstrong and it is the Avionics Club at the Purdue Airport

  3. Barrett Caldwell

    The two people in this photo are from Purdue Aeromodelers (model airplane) club; the one nearest the camera with lighter-colored hair is Neil Armstrong.

  4. Kyle Landis

    Those are the two giants gloating after famously destroying the original Purdue airport back in ’59.

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