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From the Archives: Study Space

December 4th, 2017

In addition to Christmas and snow, Purdue students know that December means finals.  Students are filling study spaces across campus as they prepare for exams and term papers, just as they have throughout Purdue’s history.  Can you identify this location filled with studying students, what it was called, and where it was located?  Share your theories in the comments and check back on Friday for the full reveal!


The Bookstall on the second floor of the Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library in Stewart Center was a student destination.  The large open space, the result of a 1961 renovation, housed newspapers and periodicals and included ample room for dozens of students to complete assignments or study for exams.  It remained a popular study spot until a new Bookstall opened with the Hicks Undergraduate Library in 1982.

In addition to study space, the HSSE Bookstall was sometimes an event destination.  It hosted a series of “coffee concerts” as musicians performed and crowds assembled in the space.

7 Responses to “From the Archives: Study Space”

  1. Ron

    Stewart Center Libraries second floor which has now been converted to meeting rooms.

  2. Emily Morrison

    is it in stewart center?

  3. Tom Brown

    Where are the book bags and computers??

  4. Michele Bassett

    The Bookstall, 2nd floor, Stewart Center

  5. Kent De La Croix

    I’m also curious as to when. I’m thinking sometime around 1960?

  6. Terri Smith-Wright

    Definitely Stewart Center–second or third floor? I can’t believe Purdue actually had and used the Coconut chair! I bought some of those old Eames chairs (the chairs around the tables) from salvage many, many years ago.

  7. Judy Nixon

    Yes, this was called the Book Stall; it became Special Collections even before I came to Purdue in 1984. It is now classrooms 278 & 279. How space can change!

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