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From the Archives: A Campus House

February 11th, 2018

Many buildings have housed Purdue’s departments and organizations.  Those that are gone often played an important role in the foundation and growth of programs that still exist on campus today.  Do you know what organization was based in this structure?  How long was this building its home?  Where was it located?  Share your ideas in the comments and we’ll reveal the story behind this image on Friday.


The Black Cultural Center (BCC) was established in 1969 and moved into its first home, this house at 315 University Street, in late 1970.  At that time, coordinator of black student programs Dr. Singer A. Buchanan said the BCC would be a place “where anyone feels welcome to come in for discussions, readings, social events – or to just sit down and talk for a while.  If people…can get to know a bit more about each other it will go a long way toward mutual understanding and appreciation” (Journal & Courier, Dec. 14, 1970).  The house included offices, meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, lounges, and space for events and presentations.

This remained the home of the BCC until the current Black Cultural Center building opened at the corner of Russell and 3rd Streets in 1999.  Centrally located between the academic and residential communities of Purdue, the BCC features distinctive architectural design inspired by the art and architecture of ancient Africa.

Black Cultural Center, 2001

Today, the Black Cultural Center “provides purposeful, holistic, scholarly and co-curricular programming designed to strengthen understanding of African American heritage.  It enhances the academic, cultural and social development of the entire Purdue community.”

8 Responses to “From the Archives: A Campus House”

  1. Dan Rotello

    The original Black Cultural Center.

  2. Mary Moore

    Black Cultural Center

  3. MIchelle

    This was the home of the Black Cultural Center.

  4. Dann VanHoosier

    This was the old Black Cultural Center at the corner of 3rd and University Streets. It housed the BCC from I believe the early 70’s until the new facility was built at the corner of 3rd and Russell Streets in the early 2000’s.

  5. Tom Hession

    This looks like the house that the Latino Cultural Center was in for about 2 1/2 to 3 yrs on North Russell St.

  6. Tim Delworth

    I remember this during my 80’s Purdue days as the home for the BCC.

  7. Candy Sheagley

    Home of the BCC

  8. Wesley Campbell

    In the 70’s and 80’s the ‘Black Cultural Center’ better known as the “Black House” was used by students for parties on weekends, a gathering place for meetings and a quick nap during the week and the place we called home. It was torn down when the new Black Cultural Cente”r was built.

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