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Spring is here, which means warmer weather and baseball season!  Baseball has always been a popular activity at Purdue.  Can you identify the location of this baseball game?  When was it?  How many landmarks can you identify in the background?  Share your theories in the comments and check back on Friday for the full story!


Stuart Field hosted most of Purdue’s outdoor activities from its creation in the 1890s until the construction of Ross-Ade Stadium in 1924.  Everything from football and baseball games to ROTC drills and marching band parades took place on the field.  At the time of its creation, Stuart Field’s location just east of the Armory was the northern edge of campus.  Today, the Elliott Hall of Music occupies much of Stuart Field’s former footprint and a plaque commemorates the location of this early Purdue landmark.

Additional views of Stuart Field provide a glimpse of the area surrounding campus:

Marching Band on Stuart Field, 1911

Seniors follow the Marching Band across Stuart Field, 1911.  Michael Golden Labs are visible in the background.

A Game of Push Ball on Stuart Field, 1919

A game of push ball, 1919

3 Responses to “From the Archives: Play Ball!”

  1. Tom Brown

    Heavilon Hall, Power Plant smoke stack, Hall of Music, Train Roundhouse water tower.

  2. Kent De La Croix

    From the angle of the Heating and Power Plant – North (1924-1992) smokestack and the Heavilon Hall (1895-1956) tower in the background this could be where Hovde (1937-?) or Schleman (1930-? originally Pharmacy building) stand today. So that would put the game somewhere between 1924 and 1930.

  3. David Halsema

    This is a shot from Stuart field which sits where Elliot Hall is today, next to the Armory. This is the smoke stack from the original heating plant built in 1903 and the Heavilon tower. The large building in the left background I think is the Civil Engineering building (now Grissom Hall). Grissom was built in 1906 and they expanded the seating at Stuart Field in 1910. This picture is before the expansion, so I would guess the year to be between 1906 – 1910.

    I found a shot of the same field in 1911 on Purdue first aviation day. In this pic you can also see the tower from the original Electrical building which no longer stands and the bleachers which have been expanded a bit more.

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