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As of Monday, Aug. 13, gaining access to Purdue University Libraries’ valuable online scholarly resources while on campus will require students, faculty, and staff to log in using their Purdue University career account credentials.

Formerly, users accessing Purdue Libraries’ online resources while working anywhere on the West Lafayette campus would be logged in automatically (through IP address detection) to view and download Libraries’ online materials. The new log-in requirement creates an extra layer of security and is consistent with the Purdue log-in systems used across campus.

However, users who have already logged into a Purdue system (e.g., OnePurdue) on any given day via their computers and devices while on campus will not have to log in again; the only time the new log-in requirement will apply is when users attempt to log in to Libraries’ online resources without having logged into another Purdue system. Users who log in to access Libraries’ online resources as the initial way they access a Purdue online system will either be able to use their career account credentials or their BoilerKey passwords.

When users are not physically present on the West Lafayette campus, the process for gaining online access to Purdue Libraries’ online resources will remain the same; users will be prompted to log in upon attempting to access Libraries’ resources.

For more information, contact Purdue Libraries’ LibAnswers service at http://answers.lib.purdue.edu/ or via eResources support at www.lib.purdue.edu/help/eresources-support.