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Parrish Library’s Featured Database will give you a very brief introduction to the basic features of one of our specialized subscription databases. This time we’re featuring ProQuest Statistical Insight, brought to you by ProQuest LLC., a subsidiary of Cambridge Information Group.

Link: http://guides.lib.purdue.edu/az.php?s=71213 is the alphabetical list of the databases specially selected for those in a business program of study. Access the databases off-campus with your Purdue login and password.

Focus: ProQuest Statistical Insight provides access to statistical information produced by U.S. Federal agencies, state governments, private organizations, and major international governmental organizations.

Tutorial: Click here see the basics of using the ProQuest Statistical Insight.

Start with this hint: Browse topics in recent news on the right side of the page or do a basic search by keyword, then narrow down your results using filters such as source, region, or subject.

Why you should know this database: ProQuest Statistical Insight provides data from subject areas including humanities, social sciences, and science. Since statistics are critical for decision making and with ProQuest Statistical Insight you don’t have to hunt for the right government agency to supply the data you’re looking for.

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Some other databases you might want to explore, are:

  • Data-Planet Statistical Datasets, provides easy access to an extensive repository of standardized and structured statistical data.
  • Passport, offers integrated access to statistics, market reports, company profiles and information sources.
  • Plunkett Research, offers business intelligence, industry trends, statistics, market research, and company lists.


This Featured Database comes to you from the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management & Economics. If you would like more information about this database, or if you would like a demonstration of it for a class, contact parrlib@purdue.edu. Also let us know if you know of a colleague who would benefit from this, or future Featured Databases.

Since usage statistics are an important barometer when databases are up for renewal, tell us your favorite database, and we will gladly promote it. Send an email to parrlib@purdue.edu.