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Purdue Libraries Database of the Week: MarketLine, from Informa/Taylor & Francis

February 14th, 2014

Welcome to Database of the Week.  This feature from the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management & Economics is intended to give you a brief introduction to a database that you may not know, with only basic information to get you started.  Hopefully, you will be tempted to explore this or other databases.

This Week’s Featured Database:  MarketLine, from Informa/Taylor & Francis.

Find, Under the column headed Collections, click on List of Business Databases.

Description/focus: Market research reports.

Try it:. MarketLine has an easily navigable interface to find market information on companies, industries, and countries.  The search box has a drop down so you can choose to limit your research to a single type such as industries or case studies, and the resulting list can be filtered  to further focus your search. Click here to see the basics of searching  MarketLine. Beyond the basic search, though, MarketLine also has a group of resources on the home page under the simple heading  Databases, where you can get country statistics, build a list of companies by capital raised, compare categories of consumer goods, or check financial deals.

Why you should know this database:  MarketLine online reports are easy to navigate but are also downloadable. 

Why students should know this database:  MarketLine market research reports include SWOT and five forces analyses.

Cost: Paid annually by the Libraries.


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