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SPRING ’21 Course Spotlight on ILS 39500: Digital Cultural Studies

October 28th, 2020

ILS 39500:  Digital Cultural Studies

Meeting Times:  DIS

Instructor:  Matt Hannah

We live in a technologically complex time, a time in which our access to and experience with technology has dramatic effects on our lifeworld. Digital cultural studies is an interdisciplinary and creative approach to understanding, theorizing, building, and critiquing the human experience of technology. In this course, students will encounter the theories, topics, and artifacts that constellate our technological world, including films, books, art, scholarship, media artifacts, games, social media, interfaces, and platforms. Students will think critically about a variety of topics, engage in thoughtful discussions, respond creatively, and build original projects.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Practice critical and creative thinking.
  2. Analyze cultural and technological artifacts.
  3. Write focused, grammatical essays.
  4. Collaborate with other students in a team.
  5. Build original creative projects.