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Featured Database: SimplyAnalytics

October 5th, 2021

Parrish Library’s Featured Database will give you a very brief introduction to the basic features of one of our specialized subscription databases. This time we’re featuring SimplyAnalytics, brought to you by SimplyAnalytics, Inc.


SimplyAnalytics contains extensive data including demographic, housing, employment, consumer spending (CEX), D&B business points-of-interest, and marketing data from Mediamark Research (MRI).

Why Should I Know About This Database?

SimplyAnalytics enables users to quickly create thematic maps and reports using thousands of U.S. demographic, business, and marketing variables. Users have access to SimmonsLOCAL consumer behavior data with information on over 8,000 brands and 450 unique categories. Additionally, the EASI Life Stage Clusters classification system is available. Data is available at the State, Congressional District, County, City, ZIP Code, Census Tract and Block Group level as well as custom trade area and the entire United States.


The List of Business Databases is the alphabetical list of the databases specially selected for those in a business program of study. Access the databases off-campus with your Purdue Career Account.


Click Getting Started with SimplyAnalytics to see the basics of using this database.

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  • Frost and Sullivan, provides the latest technology, company, econometric, demographic, and industry information.
  • MRI Simmons Insights, formerly Mediamark Internet Reporter, provides information on demographics, lifestyles, product and brand usage, and advertising media preferences.

Featured Database comes to you from the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management & Economics. If you would like more information about this database, or if you would like a demonstration of it for a class, contact Also let us know if you know of a colleague who would benefit from this, or future Featured Databases.

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