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Welcome to Database of the Week.  This feature from the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management & Economics is intended to give you a brief introduction to a database that you may not know, with only basic information to get you started.  Hopefully, you will be tempted to explore this or other databases.

This Week’s Featured Database:  MorningStar Investment Research Center from MorningStar.

Find it: www.lib.purdue.edu/parrish, under the column headed Collections, click on List of Business Databases.

Description/focus:  The MorningStar Investment Research Center database can be used to investigate different stock and fund investments.

Start with this hint:  From the MorningStar Investment Research Center main page click on the EFTs tab. This will take you to the EFT screener. Select Fund Group: Sector Equity, Morningstar Category: Real Estate, and 3-year Return: Greater than 15% and click Update. The screener will tell you how many EFTs pass with these criteria; in this case there are nine. You can click the arrow at the bottom to view those results. This will give you a snapshot of those funds names along with other helpful information, such as Market YTD Return.

Why you should know this database: The Portfolio section contains tools to help new investors. There is information on how to create investment goals and a section that will help you calculate savings for retirement.

How this will help students: In the Markets section of this database students can find up-to-date stock prices, industry reports, and sector reports.

Cost: For information contact mdugan@purdue.edu.


Database of the Week comes to you from the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management & Economics. If you would like more information about this database, or if you would like a demonstration of it for a class, contact parrlib@purdue.edu.  Database of the Week is archived at http://blogs.lib.purdue.edu/news/category/MGMT/.  For more Purdue Libraries news, follow us on Twitter (@ParrishLib).

Feedback is always welcome.  If you would like us to promote your favorite database, send an email to mdugan@purdue.edu.

Purdue University Libraries asks, “What kind of Boilermaker are you?” Take our quiz featured from this semester’s Libraries BGR presentations and find out! https://www.qzzr.co/quiz/what-type-of-boilermaker-are-you/

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Fall 2014 Workshop Flyer

Posted: Friday, August 22, 2014 10:00 am | Updated: 11:52 am, Fri Aug 22, 2014

From Purdue Exponent

Students looking to avoid the hassle of heavy backpacks this fall have an alternative to the traditional print textbooks: eBooks.

Electronic versions of textbooks are not only becoming popular among students, but within Purdue’s libraries as well. According to Suzanne Ward, the head of collection management of Purdue Libraries, the University has a growing collection of eBooks that students can access 24/7.

 “The libraries are starting to make a conscious effort to buy eBook versions of books that are required for classes,” Ward said. “We’re trying our best to get e-versions of those that allow access by multiple people at the same time.”

She described some of the issues the libraries face in terms of acquiring textbooks. Most publishers refuse to sell small quantities of the textbooks to the University, so as a result, Ward and her colleagues began exploring the option of eBooks. Oftentimes publishers will release the electronic versions of their textbooks a year or two after the print version comes out, so a majority of the eBooks within Purdue Libraries fall under the “supplemental reading” category.

“Unfortunately, we can’t afford to get everything in both formats, so we have to do the best we can in choosing which format to get things in,” Ward said.

Aside from the benefit of a lighter backpack throughout the day, eBooks allow students to search for keywords that may not appear in the index, copy and paste passages for papers and highlight excerpts. Formats may differ depending on the publisher or vendor, but most versions are user-friendly.

Ward believes the availability of eBooks that allow multiple users to access a document at one time will become higher in the next five to ten years. To learn more about Purdue Libraries and how to access its resources, visit lib.purdue.edu.

The MarketLine Advantage database subscription was not renewed. Access to the resource ends Sunday, August 17th. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rebecca Richardson, Electronic Resources Librarian, rarichar@purdue.edu.

Description: Purdue University Libraries is conducting user evaluation for the library website (www.lib.purdue.edu). In the evaluation participants will be asked to complete a set of testing tasks with the website and provide feedback. The evaluation is expected to take up to 1 hour of time. Participants will receive $10 if they complete the evaluation.

Requirements: 1) currently enrolled students, staff or faculty at Purdue University, and 2) experience of using Purdue University Libraries website or other academic search websites.

Contact: Please contact Tao Zhang at zhan1022@purdue.edu to schedule an evaluation time.

Indiana’s first female firefighter retired on Tuesday with a crowd of friends and coworkers surrounding her as she gave her final speech.

Diana Hardy left behind 36 years of firefighting – 32 of them with Purdue – on Tuesday afternoon.  Hardy paved the way for women in a traditionally male-dominated profession as the first female firefighter in Indiana.  Her retirement also marks the loss of Purdue Fire Department’s longest-serving member.

In honor of Hardy’s service, Sen. Ron Alting and Rep. Sheila Klinker presented her with Indiana’s Sagamore of the Wabash award.

“This is the highest honor we can get in the State of Indiana,” Alting said during the presentation.  “People like Neil Armstrong, a Boilermaker, was presented this award.  Being a Boilermaker myself, (Hardy is) representing our great University and more importantly, this is history today.”

Accolades aside, Hardy said her biggest reward isn’t the praise or recognition itself, but the example she is leaving behind for girls and other women.  The Logansport, Ind. Native will be donating her uniform to Purdue Libraries to be put on display with items from other influential women, including pilot Amelia Earhart.

“It’s a women’s history project.  They’ve wanted to do that for a while now, but I’ve kind of held them off for a little bit because I felt like it was something I wanted to do after retirement,” Hardy said.  “I really wanted to wait until all was said and done, and then kind of share the whole experience.  It’s pretty cool to know that I’m going to be in a display and somewhere, sometime, some little girl is going to see that and it may change her life.”

Hardy described her retirement as bittersweet; she said the department’s camaraderie, football and basketball games and tours with local children are what she will miss the most.

“It’s a career that you really have to be devoted to because it’s a lifetime career.  You’re always a firefighter,” Hardy said.  “I feel like I’m not really leaving the department, I’m just taking the uniform off.”

Purdue’s own Roland G. Parrish Library of Management and Economics was ranked #11 on Business Research Guide’s (BRG) “30 Most Impressive University Business School Libraries”: http://www.businessresearchguide.com/30-most-impressive-university-business-school-libraries/?fb_action_ids=10202473850743564&fb_action_types=og.likes

The Engineering Administration Building or ENAD and the old power plant are being torn down this summer to make way for a new active learning center.

Daniels tells News 18 he hopes the center helps Purdue become a leader in modern higher education by providing a valuable and interactive campus experience. He said the active learning center is like a 21st century update to a library, by being technology-based, fully digital, with space for groups to meet both in the same room and around the globe.

“We’re very excited about this,” said Daniels. “We think it will be the first of its kind in the country. If we’ve guessed correctly, it will show the way to a new and improved way of teaching and learning.”

Daniels said he hopes to set up similar spaces in multiple campus buildings including residence halls. He hopes it helps justify the residential university experience.




Active Learning Center increases truck traffic through campus

The demolition of the Engineering Administration Building (ENAD) and the retired Heating and Power Plant North (HPN) to allow for the construction of the new Active Learning Center will begin in June. As a result, there will be increased truck traffic to and from the project site. The maps below display the routes from June 23 through August 15, 2014 and from August 16, 2014 through the duration of the project.

The construction traffic routes will be clearly marked, but pedestrians and motorists should be cautious in the area and obey all posted signs.

Construction traffic from June 23 through August 15, 2014

The truck route for the ALC project prior to August 15, 2014

Construction traffic after August 15, 2014

Truck route for Active Learning Center after August 15

Questions may be directed to Rustin Meister, project manager, at (765) 496-9477.