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The Purdue Libraries Information Literacy Program is making substantial progress in its campus-wide approach to information literacy (IL) consistent with the expectation that information literacy will be a core competency of the curriculum. The Libraries’ first Information Literacy Specialist, Clarence Maybee, assistant professor of library science, arrived in September from Colgate University to assume this important role.

How does Professor Maybee’s work differ from work of the Professor Sharon Weiner, Booker Chair in Information Literacy? The focus of Maybee’s work is primarily in the Libraries and on campus, whereas the Booker Chair has a strong external element as well as a leadership role in information literacy research. Maybee provides leadership for the Libraries’ Information Literacy Program; is working to integrate information literacy in courses, programs, and curricula; collaborates with campus partners to support information literacy initiatives; will design and implement a program of assessment of library-based instructional programs; and will assess and provide leadership in theory, pedagogy, and practice related to information literacy.

With Maybee in this new leadership role, the Libraries are positioned to work together to better develop information literacy (problem solving, critical thinking) competencies in Purdue students and thus contribute to their success as students, as our future workforce, and as informed citizens.

If you have questions about information literacy please contact the liaison librarian for your department or contact Clarence Maybee at cmaybee@purdue.edu or (765) 494-7603.