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Purdue University Press Book Previews is a new initiative from the Purdue University Libraries Scholarly Publishing Division and their open access text repository, Purdue e-Pubs. PUP Book Previews, created from the first proofs of the book to include several pieces of the front matter and first chapter, will provide an early look at forthcoming books.

To begin this new initiative, PUP has posted previews of books from very late 2016 and forthcoming books for early 2017. New books will be added monthly to coincide with the 25 new books published by Purdue University Press annually.

The first five previews posted are:

The Writers, Artists, Singers, and Musicians of the National Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association (OMIKE), 1939 – 1944 by Frederick Bondy

From Shtetl to Stardom: Jews and Hollywood by Vincent Brook and Michael Renov

Leaders of the Pack: Women and the Future of Veterinary Medicine by Julie Kumble and Donald F. Smith

Advances in Research Using the C-SPAN Archives by Robert X. Browning

Mishpachah: The Jewish Family in Tradition and in Transition by Leonard J. Greenspoon


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