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Integrative Data Science Initiative at Purdue University Purdue University Libraries faculty are part of two research teams to receive funding in Purdue University’s initial round of research for the Integrative Data Science Initiative (IDSI). According to the IDSI website, the vision for the initiative is “to be at the forefront of advancing data science-enabled research and education by tightly coupling theory, discovery, and applications while providing students with an integrated, data science-fluent campus ecosystem.”

Last March, Purdue University administrators and researchers working on the initiative disseminated an initial request for proposals (RFP) as “the first investment towards achieving the goals of the Integrative Data Science Initiative.” The areas of focus/themes for the RFP included: health care; defense; ethics, society, and policy; fundamentals, methods, and algorithms; and cross-cutting data science-enabled research.

The RFP resulted in 52 separate highly competitive proposals addressing data science applications in the theme areas. Libraries faculty are part of two research teams that received funding, including the following research projects and investigators:

For more information about the initiative, visit www.purdue.edu/data-science/.
Libraries Researchers Awarded Funding for Proposals in Purdue’s Integrative Data Science Initiative Research