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Congratulations to all Libraries faculty promoted in 2012! Promoted to Professor of Library Science Michael Fosmire Promoted to Associate Professor of Library Science Christopher C. Miller Catherine Fraser Riehle Maribeth Slebodnick

Purdue Libraries are partnering with ITaP to update computer workstations in all libraries across campus. Through the end of August, ITaP will be replacing the existing computer workstations with ITaP computers. This will give patrons access to ITaP-provided software and support within libraries. During the transition, computer workstations may be unavailable in some libraries. Tentative […]

Effective immediately, a construction project in the Math Sciences Library will limit access to the library facility and materials.  The construction includes the removal of the ceiling in the library, installation of new sprinkler systems and lighting, and a window replacement project. For safety reasons patrons will not be permitted beyond the service desk in […]

Practical Guide to Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy W. Roy Mason John Wiley and Sons © 2007 “The book is a technical guide for chemists and spectroscopists, and presents a concise description of magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) spectroscopy and how it has advanced the interpretation of molecular electronic spectra. * Provides a practical guide to utilizing […]

Polymer Processing: Modeling and Simulation Tim Osswald and Juan P. Hernández-Ortiz Hanser Publishers © 2006 “This book addresses traditional polymer processing as well as the emerging technologies associated with the plastics industry in the 21st Century, and combines engineering modeling aspects with computer simulation of realistic polymer processes. This book is designed to provide a […]

Vibrationally Mediated Photodissociation Salman Rosenwaks RSC © 2009 “Vibrationally Mediated Photodissociation (VMP) deals with the influence of vibrational excitation of the ground electronic state of a molecule on its dissociation following excitation of this state to a higher electronic state. Aimed at students and academics, this is the first book devoted to the effect of […]

A Century of Nobel Prize Recipients: Chemistry: Physics, and Medicine Francis Leroy, Ed. Marcel Dekker © 2003

Nanoscale Phenomena: Fundamentals and Applications Horst Hahn, Anatoli Sidorenko, and Ion Tiginyanu, Eds. Springer Berlin Heidelberg © 2009 “The main intention of the editors of the book is the demonstration of the intrinsic correlation and mutual influence of three important components of nanoscience: new phenomena – nanomaterials – nanodevices. This is the organizing concept of […]

Basic Chemometric Techniques in Atomic Spectroscopy Jose M. Andrade-Garda, Ed. RSC © 2009 “This is the first book for atomic spectroscopists to present the basic principles of experimental designs, optimization and multivariate regression. This practical introduction uses conceptual explanations and worked examples to give readers a clear understanding of the technique. Mathematics is kept to […]