D Scott Brandt



D. Scott Brandt

 Professor of Library Science
Purdue University Libraries
504 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2058


I am the associate dean for research and professor of library science and the senior member of the Research Data Group, where I focus on research data management and curation. My research investigates practices of data management and dissemination, especially in isolated research communities. I was part of the team that developed the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit and the Data Curation Profiles Directory.

The Research Data group provides leadership, coordination, and expertise in areas of data management and data education. We:

  • explore, plan and design applications, methodologies, tools and techniques to improve data management planning, consultation, and collaboration, with particular focus on the use of PURR.
  • develop courses, workshops, lectures, tutorials and documentation for our campus, with the scope ranging from general topics to specific discipline foci, as well as methodologies, and tools.
  • coordinate data-related outreach efforts with subject liaisons within the Libraries faculty.


D. Scott Brandt is

part of a Libraries initiative to engage in LIS based research collaboratively with other researchers at Purdue University.