data services @ PUL

History of research data activities at Purdue University Libraries:

Data needs assessment began in Aug 2004

Associate Dean for Research hired Nov 2005

Launch of Document IR (e-Pubs) in Sept 2006

Founding of Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2) Nov 2006

Initiation of data management services Feb 2007

Data Research Scientist hired Apr 2007

Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) initiated Aug 2010

Data Research Scientist became Data Services Specialist July 2011

Visiting Data Services Specialist hired July 2011 (left June 2012)

PURR begin to take data in Feb 2012

Full time Data Services Specialist hired Jan 2013

Third Data Specialist position created Oct 2013

As of Jan 2014 the Research Data unit is comprised of five faculty members and the PURR team, and integrate with the four subject divisions in the Libraries to support them and provide data consutlation and collaboration with faculty, staff and students across campus.

D. Scott Brandt is

part of a Libraries initiative to engage in LIS based research collaboratively with other researchers at Purdue University.