Data Curation Profiles (2007- ) Currently working on assessment of the DCP for redesign

New Roles for Librarians: Research (2008 – ) Learning, practicing and writing about engaging in research collaborations within the university, the business of research, and research administration

Community Capability Model Framework (2013 – ) Using CCMF for use case in agriculture, in collaboration with Lyon & Patel as part of their Research Data Alliance Working Group

Engaged in various projects trying to understand metaphors and mental models for data sharing (2013 – )

Working with Agriculture researchers on a USAID grant developing a data workflow and implementation plan (2014 – )

Helping to develop workflow for Data Mgmt Plan (DMP) lifecycle with the Purdue University Research Repository environment (2014 – )

D. Scott Brandt is

part of a Libraries initiative to engage in LIS based research collaboratively with other researchers at Purdue University.