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Dr. Clarence Maybee, Michael Flierl and Rachel Fundator have begun a new project this summer in which they are working with Purdue instructors to develop informed learning assignments. These assignments allow undergraduates to intentionally learn to use information sources at the same time as they are learning about course content, e.g., disciplinary concepts, theories, practices, etc.

The group is hosting two 1-day workshops this summer to work with instructors to create or revise assignments using the informed learning design. Grounded in the informed learning pedagogic model,1 informed learning design was developed by Dr. Maybee to guide the creation of assignments in which students intentionally learn to use information sources at the same time as they are learning course content. For example, students in a statistical literacy course who are learning about statistical concepts, may do so by applying those concepts to make sense of statistics reported in the popular press, or students studying local history may be asked to make a short documentary-style video in which they must learn to use archival materials to support their argument.

Participants and designers at the first Informed Learning Design workshop – June 11, 2018

The newly created or redesigned informed learning assignments will be implemented in courses during the 2018-19 academic year. After the assignments are completed, Maybee, Flierl, and Fundator will interview students about their experiences with this new type of assignment.

Project Participants

Tracy Grimm, University Archives and Special Collections

Jennifer Hall, Communications

Alex Isaacs, College of Pharmacy

Julius Keller, School of Aviation and Transportation Technology

Monica Miller, College of Pharmacy

Cara Putnum, Krannert School of Management


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