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‘Information Use’ category

Wenjie Wu, Mingchu Cong, and their fellow group members worked in the HIKS Undergraduate Library to design a health app for a computer graphics course. They used one of the Libraries’ white boards to map out ideas and elements of their app design using a methodology introduced in class.

On August 29th, the Libraries Seminar Committee hosted a presentation by Dr. Andrew Whitworth, Director of Teaching Strategy for the Manchester Institute of Education and the University of Manchester. Dr. Whitworth’s presentation “Xenophilia: The Love of Difference is Essential for Information Literacy” argued that a diversification and openness to different perspectives can positively influence learning through more…

Libraries faculty and staff uphold the Libraries’ information literacy mission statement through various instructional and research efforts.  

Purdue Libraries faculty and staff work closely with subject faculty to support student learning and advance information literacy. Here is some information on their instructional work from the past year: