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Faculty and staff working with the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research (JPUR) provided a workshop for students developing paper proposals to submit to the journal. The event was kicked off by Greg Michalski, the Chair of the Faculty Advisory Board for JPUR and Professor in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Chemistry Department. Prof. Michalski discussed the impetus for JPUR that developed out of his own experiences publishing journal articles with undergraduate researchers.

Catherine Fraser Riehle, Assistant Professor in the Libraries, walked the group through developing a quality paper proposal and abstract. The students attendees were very engaged, many of whom plan to submit a paper proposal to JPUR for consideration of inclusion of the fall 2012 issue. Other students attended to learn more about the process with a plan to submit a proposal in the future covering research that is currently underway or about to begin. The event closed with Charles Watkinson, Director of the Purdue University Press, talking about the far reach that JPUR has achieved through its online presence. More information about JPUR or the submission process can be found on the JPUR website.

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