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We are excited to announce the upcoming IMPACT Symposium for 2017: Enhancing Learning through Writing, which will take place on Thursday, April 6th. Our guest speaker, Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey, a Purdue alumna, is a proponent of student writing within disciplinary courses across all levels of the curriculum. Additional details about the workshops are below.

Register (free) for the workshops here: http://www.training.purdue.edu/Symposium

IMPACT Symposium 2017

Morning Session: 9:00-11:30am Enhancing Learning-and Teaching-with Writing

Stewart 206

Writing in college takes various forms–from posters, case studies, and lab reports to essays, research reports, feasibility studies, and slide presentations. Research shows that engaging in such writing and in smaller, informal writing assignments is critical to support student learning. Moreover, when appropriately designed, such writing assignments can help faculty teach better. In this interactive workshop, we will briefly consider why we might use writing in our teaching before focusing on some useful, easily modified ways to do so.

Afternoon Session: 2:00-4:00pm Designing Writing for Learning, for Transfer

Lawson 1142

This interactive session focuses on three dimensions of writing assignments, regardless of academic discipline—key terms; genre; and reflection–and on ways that these dimensions can help faculty design assignments rich in content and in good, disciplinary writing. Moreover, by designing writing assignments keyed to these three dimensions, we can both help students successfully complete the assigned task and support them in developing a working knowledge of writing that can assist them as they take up new writing tasks.

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