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  1. Walter B. Stahr

    Dear Purdue, you mention Lynn Rowland MacBroom, died 1918. he was my great-grandfather, and I have some of his “war letters” if you would be interested in transcripts. he was working in Norfolk, VA, building the base there when he died. Walter Stahr

  2. Patricia Heuer Sanchez

    Dear Purdue,
    Are there any records/photos of the 1950′ Married Student’s Housing? Our family lived in barracks at that time. My father, Roman Heuer, was president of the MSH committee sometime between 1952 and 1954. I remember this housing was located near the parade field where we watched the band and their Golden Girl Batton Twirler practice. There were large, old trees outside of the barracks which my father fought to have taken down due to concern about tornadoes knocking them over the wooden bldgs. I also remember being taken late at night to one of the brick bldgs near us on campus due to tornado warnings.
    I have one photo in storage and wonder whether it would be of worth to your bldg history.

  3. Angie

    I just discovered this site via the PurdueHistory IG page. I’m “diving in”…thriving on all the history and photos. (We live off Grant Street which I’m guessing is the namesake of this couple).


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