Faculty Presentations, Publications, Awards, and Accomplishments – Dec/Jan 18-19

Wei Zakharov is a member of Purdue Libraries faculty.

Wei Zakharov is a member of Purdue Libraries faculty. She recently presented her research about news literacy integration into STEM.

Purdue Libraries faculty are indicated in bold.

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Kendall Roark (Assistant Professor Libraries) and Marlo David (Director of African American Studies) were awarded funding to support a joint CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for African American and Critical Data Studies (2019-2021). https://www.clir.org/fellowships/postdoc/applicants/purdue-university/

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Zakharov, Wei., Fosmire, M., & Li, H. (2019, January). Managing and evaluating scientific news and spotting fake news: A case study of news literacy integration into STEM. Presented at 2019 Indiana STEM Education Conference, West Lafayette, Indiana.